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Dr. Constance Pruitt is an incoming Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES). Her specializations are Comparative Politics, with Africa as a regional focus, International Relations, and American Government. Dr. Pruitt's research focuses on understanding issues facing actors in the Global South, and diplomatic efforts in the region. The questions that often guide her research include: why does power continue to grow disproportionately amongst international actors? How do developing countries handle conflict and governance compared to developed states? What does democracy look like in other countries? Therefore, her research primarily centers around politics in sub-Saharan Africa, democratization, international organizations, peace, and conflict, and the diplomatic role that the Black diaspora has within each of those areas of foreign affairs. 

Originally from Abington, PA, she received a bachelor's degree from Howard University, a Master of Arts in International Relations from Webster University through Regent's University London, and a  Ph.D. in Political Science from Howard University in 2022. Outside of academia, Constance is a wife and mom that enjoys painting, reading, and international travel.

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