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Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy centers around creating an effective learning environment for the students and myself as the professor. Each semester I proclaim that I am a lifelong learner constantly pursuing my scholastic curiosity as I teach those around me. I notice that my students are more engaged when I demonstrate that I remain a seeker of new knowledge. Furthermore, through teaching, I have now cultivated four points to my pedagogical approach: to challenge, engage, inspire students, and, if needed, adapt to students' learning needs. I encourage students to challenge their preconceived notions, engage in stimulating informed dialogue, and inspire them to apply what they learned in class toward their future endeavors. Lastly, I understand that students and the environment of each semester are different and adjust elements of my teaching when necessary. Finally, I have worked hard to apply these points to my collegiate instructional practices, which has led to strong teaching effectiveness and student satisfaction. 

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